Givin’ ‘n Gettin’

We have to develop presence here.

Develop presence.

We have to develop some serious presence, us human-a-beings.

I know we love our cell phones. We love them so! We love to talk, talk, talk. What the fuck is everybody talking about?

Humans-being, we, lovely ones, should not drive while operating cell phones. Lord forgive us. We know not what we do. I witnessed a close call today when someone, talking on a cell phone, came dangerously close to hitting someone waiting at a red light.

I have done it too. Talked while driving. I am guilty. But I knew while I was doing it that it was not safe. I fucking knew it and I did it anyway. Sound familiar? I get distracted even by hearing it ring. Always the ringing followed by the thought: is it him? Y’all know what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Talkin’ bout that booty call! Yeah, we are killing each other, literally killing each other,  because we’re either giving or getting that next booty call. Some a y’all givin’ ‘n gettin’ at the same time!

Perhaps accidents are unavoidable. Perhaps they contain a message from spirit. Do you think the grandfather that ran over his infant grandchild with an SUV by mistake because he couldn’t see out the back didn’t call out to God when he saw what he had done?

Time heals all wounds but some wounds take a long, long time.

One response to “Givin’ ‘n Gettin’

  • Allyssa Jones

    Hi Tai!

    Thank you so much for your beautiful words and insights. Hope to get a chance to chat soon- enough with the ships passing in the dance office or faculty bathroom 🙂

    Keep it up! You’re inspiring 🙂

    Allyssa Jones
    (music dept)

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