…the…great…WHAT IS NESS

Ok, I’ll admit it. I sometimes struggle with reality. Big surprise. It is often hard to reconcile the version of life in my head with the version in front of me. Also, I can see that the version in my head sometimes influences the version in front of me, which complicates things, and when it doesn’t, or doesn’t in the way I want it to, I suffer. Woe is me. And, of course, everything needs to be reevaluated in the morning, when one is sober.

The Buddha said, “Life is suffering.”

The christians think it’s noble to suffer.

That’s a bunch of bullshit.

The real Human Struggle stems from a profound inability to accept what is. It’s a kind of insanity, of which, as stated above, I have deliriously partaken. Only through acceptance of what is can we find clarity and right action. Otherwise, all we “see” is that we feel bad and we reach for the nearest thing to make us feel better. Sometimes, that thing is an innappropriate sex partner. Oreos. A drug of some sort, some thing that makes us addicted.

So when What Is doesn’t look like our imagination, we tend to push it away. Pushing away what is naturally makes us feel lousy. We come to associate a feeling of betrayal, this bad feeling, with what is, but fail to realize that we are the instruments of our own betrayal.

Don’t you just love words? They make me giddy. Positively giddy. The way they can symbolize something as complicated and elusive as an emotion. As a hummingbird.

Anyway, where was I…

So we have to practice getting out of our heads and falling into the present moment. When we do that, some of those pesky addictions will shed of their own accord. Others take more being-present practice. And at some point in that practice, we start to realize, like adults, that we can trust ourselves. I mean really trust ourselves. We must trust in our own ability to remain centered, even if we fall, like a gymnast on a balance beam, and that when we maintain that balance, we help others to do the same by example.

A huge step for human evolution will unfold when we begin to, as a whole, and around big things, trust ourselves as adults. Trust that what we’ve learned is good, is good, and that what we know is bad, is so, and to not do the really bad shit. I’m not saying be a fucking Saint. I’m saying chill with that really out-of-balance shit. Like war.

People will say that level of cooperation amongst mankind is impossible. And maybe it’s true. But oh, WHAT WONDERS WE WILL KNOW IN STRIVING TOWARDS THAT! It will not ever all come together at once, except for in brief moments, like the first time we all saw Michael Jackson do the moon walk.  So, we will have these moments, these glimpses into God’s love. In between such moments of inspiration, we have to do the best we can. And by that doing, continue to grow, to evolve. Into something truly miraculous. I can’t wait to see the year 2263. Dude, I keep telling you, it’s all about the journey.

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”–Dr. Spock.

Now was that Dr. Spock, the famous teacher of parenting, or Dr. Spock from Star Trek?

Either way.


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