For Rumi

Throw away all those ideas

of purgatory

heaven, hell and life everlasting

on the dung heap funeral pire

and start anew.



Begin in the middle if you like.

It is infinite in every direction:

in, out, up and down:

flat, faceted, angled, sideways

temporary and simultaneous.

Everything is a phase of a phase of a phase.

A shadow.

An egg within an egg.


One response to “For Rumi

  • victor jouvert

    To love, in my opinion is to submit. to take the leap of faith. To reach a decision in your mind then in action that you will put you life in this persons hands. you will give yourself unconditionally. to put away all your fears to ignore all the heart breaks, all the pain and all the lessons you’ve learned. To strip away all the bs and say this is who i am.

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